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Low utility rates make Nebraska an excellent location for industries. Industrial rates for electricity and natural gas are among the lowest in the nation. Both energy sources are easily accessible throughout the state. Nebraska is the only state in the nation served totally by electric public power.


Alda's retail electrical service is provided by Southern Power District. The 34.5 kV source to Alda can be fed from three alternate sources. Alda's system is tied into Nebraska Public Power District's statewide 115 kV grid system.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is supplied to the community of Alda by Northwestern Public Service Company through a three-inch pipeline with an operating pressure of 60 to 100 pounds per square inch. Natural gas, with a BTU value of 960, is available for industrial uses on both a firm and interruptible basis.


The municipal water system in Alda is supplied by two wells, averaging 90 feet in depth. The system has a combined pumping capacity of 950 gallons per minute and an overhead storage capacity of 100,000 gallons. Groundwater is available for industrial uses. The quality of water in Alda does not necessitate a water treatment plant. The water table has not changed significantly in the past five years.

For more information, contact the Village of Alda, (308) 385-5575.

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